Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rivalry Weekend

Well, yesterday Clemson (my team!) and South Carolina (JT's team) had their big rivalry game. I am sad that my Tigers let me down (again!) and the Gamecocks ended up "on top" this year (again! for the third year in a row!) :(

Every year JT and I make a bet. Usually something silly. Our first year of marriage we bet 25 massages, but when those never got paid in full...we have learned to adjust. Last year we bet 10 diaper refusals (nasty gross ones you didn't want to do...). This year we bet two weekends of sleeping in. Which means, since I "lost", I'll allow JT to sleep in on two non-consecutive (written into the bet) weekends, and I will get up with CJ.

I sure hope Clemson can win next year. I'm already thinking up bet ideas since we'll have two kids!! Congratulations honey, I love you and our house divided.

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Sue said...

Time just disappears with me lately..I have been meaning to get back to this post...I have tried to help you by wearing my Clemson Sweatshirt every year in front of Fred. He even wanted me to wear it this year...he says it is a guarantee of a USC win. So next year I will wear a Carolina Sweat and see if it reverse the wins in your/Clemson's favor.