Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fun weekend! Friday night was the first night of Christmas at Sea World, and it was open to members only. We decided to go. BOY OH BOY did JT and I underestimate the number of members Sea World has!! It was one of those moments as a parent that you try to make the best of, but really we were feeling like it was a "fail" because there were just too many people to get to do much. We did get a picture of our family in front of one of the trees!
And this ADORABLE picture of CJ in front of the penguin trees outside the penguin exhibit! He looks like he's saying "Ta Da!" but in reality, who knows what he was doing!! Ha ha!
The Turtle Reef exhibit is always one of his favorites. Mine too. Huge tanks with beautiful fish and lots of turtles.
This was TOO funny. CJ didn't even realize for like a full 5 minutes that he was standing RIGHT NEXT TO a turtle. He must have thought it was a rock. Because I kept telling him "look at the turtle" and he would point out other ones swimming around and not notice the one RIGHT NEXT TO him!! HA HA!!
Saturday we had CJ's first Daddy & Me Soccer class! It was great! It is completely non-competitive, and they have lots of activities to keep those busy toddlers from getting bored! Kicking a ball with Dada!
Following the leader stepping on different color circles (identifying what color as you step on it!) To clean up they brought a circle to the Coach and told her what color it was!
Crawling through a tunnel.
After crawling through the tunnel, the kids walked over to the goal and kicked a ball in!! This is his coach, Coach Jo.
Ribbon wands, that the kids got to swirl around, up and down, side to side!
This picture is SO CJ right now...He likes to play this game (mostly at home on the carpet) where he falls down (more like lays down) and then tells JT and I "I fall". And then we say "are you okay?" or "are you alright?" To which he says "k" or "right" and gets back up. He thinks it is so funny, and we do too!!! He was rolling around on the grass giggling here telling me "I fall". :)
The class ended with parachute time. First the kiddos got to ride on the parachute.
And then they got to go under the parachute.
After class was over, all the kids got to go see the Coach for a sticker, and a group cheer: "Soccer is FUN!" CJ had a BLAST at his first soccer class. It was so cute, and I think it will be a great activity for him to get to play outdoors, socialize with other children his age, and not to mention BURN OFF SOME OF THAT ENERGY!! :) Can't wait for next week!

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Jenni said...

haha "i fall".. that made me LOL. colin is soooo cute.