Saturday, January 21, 2012

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks today!

Size of baby: 11.5 inches long, a little over a pound. About the size of a mango.

Gender: Girl

Total weight gain/loss: + 12 lbs

Maternity clothes: That and I like to borrow some of JT's clothes too! :)

Symptoms: Backaches, chronic headaches, acid reflux, getting tired easily

Sleep: About 7 hours a night, with about 3 trips to the potty.

Food cravings: Chocolate with caramel (Rolos, Twix)

Movement: The "thumps" are getting stronger now! And I can feel little body parts jabbing me and see her moving through my clothes. (Hello "alien baby stage"!)

Best moment this week: Date night with JT! We went out for San Diego restaurant week, and saw the movie "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on Wednesday!

What I miss: My "innie" belly button...because this week it moved to the "outie" position. ;)

What I'm looking forward to: JT is taking off one day this week for us to go to Toy Story 3 on Ice together. I hope CJ enjoys it...he loves Woody and Buzz and Jessie and the Pig....but his attention span and ability to sit still is not always the greatest. We will see. At any rate it will be fun to have an extra family day this week! :)


Kendra said...

Yea for family days!!!! I love your cute little preggo belly =)

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Aww just wanted to say hi from Kellys Korner. We are also a military family. I love reading fellow military blogs and cant wait to catch up on yours!!!

Take care- Amy!
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