Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out and About!

We've been staying very busy! So between that and my chronic headaches, I haven't gotten around to blogging as much as I like! I've been headache free for the past two days (praise!), so here is what we've been up to!

We've been meeting up with friends for playgroups, which has been fun! (But also exhausting for my pregnant self trying to keep up with my fearless and active little man!)
We went to the playground on base one day and got to see Dada. "Pat, pat, pat!"
And we went to see baby Monroe the gorilla at the Safari Park. We hadn't seen him in a couple of months (he was always hiding in the cave with his Mama), and he has gotten SO big!! Cute!!!
Petting zoo!
Saying "hi goat". HA HA.
Another playground. CJ was content for a while digging in the mulch. ALL BOY!
We met a friend at Sea World. Hugging the Otter.
This was the sweetest thing EVER. CJ was insistent upon holding his friend's hand!! He kept reaching for her and saying her name and "hand". Seeing these two walking around Sea World hand in hand...another glimpse of a "big boy". Tear!
This week we had another playdate, and yesterday we had MOPS. When the new year started up, CJ got promoted to the next age group class at Moppets. Knock on wood, but, he hasn't had any bullying/pushing issues in his new class or on the playgrounds lately either! I am so hoping it was a phase we have grown out of! (fingers crossed!!!)

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