Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oma & Gpa in SD!

I've been dying to post about my parents' visit, but we've all been in "recovery" mode over here. After Christmas, touring San Diego and just going literally non-stop, JT and I rang in our New Year sick. I couldn't take DayQuil, etc since I'm pregnant and I ended up with a sinus infection. But a Z-pack did the trick because I feel SO much better now! (So now I've been working on laundry, putting up Christmas, etc. rather than blogging).

My parents first full day in San Diego, we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. My Dad told me that it was one of his favorite things he did while he was here, so it's nice to know I'm not alone in my love for this place!! As you can see it was a beautiful day!!!

CJ was not on his "best behavior" for Oma & Grandpa. In fact he threw more temper tantrums while they were here than he EVER has before
(and he hasn't thrown nearly as many since!) I was kind of embarrassed! But I guess that it's only natural for a toddler who is already overstimulated from Christmas to want to show off and act crazy for his grandparents! Anyhow, one of the funny things he would do is not want to eat his breakfast, but want to steal Oma's "cookie" instead. Don't worry about those extra breakfast bars Mom, CJ finished them up for ya! ;) One of the fun things we go to do with my parents was the day after Christmas we all went to the USS Midway. JT and I hadn't been yet, so we were excited too! CJ had a blast running around checking things out. Sitting on one of the chains of the anchor.
Turning a wheel "drive!"
Playing with the ropes where you could learn to tie knots. "Pull".
My dad was too tall for some of the walkways, and some of the knee-knockers were too tall for my short mom. CJ asked Dada for some help navigating the halls!
Checking out all the cool planes.
Riding in a plane with Dada.
Here we are on the flight deck of the Midway. (Coronado is in the background). The Midway was really cool, and I would definitely recommend, especially for anyone who enjoys military history!
CJ trying out his new bike that Oma & Grandpa got him for Christmas. (At first he was scared of it, so we were glad when he warmed up to it and was asking to "ride bike".)
The next day JT had to go back to work :( So CJ and I took my parents down to the awesome San Diego Zoo! We got to see the elephants (CJ's request), polar bears, and pandas (my parent's request) plus lots of other animals along the way! It was another GORGEOUS day, and CJ got so hot he even took off his shoes and socks! Silly boy!
On their last day, we were a little more low key, but still ventured out! We drove over to La Jolla to show my mom and dad the seals laying on the beach! CJ was excited to play in the sand, and it took all three of us to keep him from running up to the seals! The weather was so pretty, with a nice breeze since we were on the coast. We finished up by getting some shaved ice, but I didn't get a picture because I was too busy eating, HA HA! It was the perfect ending to a great time together!
As usual, the precious time with family passed way too quickly!! I'm already looking forward to their next visit! (although we probably won't be able to do as much sight seeing since I'll have a newborn baby girl) Mom & Dad, thank y'all so much for using your Christmas vacation to come see us and spend this Christmas with our family in California! It meant so much to us! My Mom said her favorite thing in San Diego was "getting to play with CJ", and I know he felt the same way because he is STILL asking for Oma & Gpa a week later!!

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Sue said...

I love the idea of christmas cool...I especially like the new tradition of opening a Christmas Eve game....What a super great idea. Your parents must have had a fantastic time getting to share Colin on Christmas...I am very happy all went well and all of you had such a great Christmas.