Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh be careful little mouths...

In the last 2-3 weeks, CJ has totally EXPLODED with his words. Now we know what people are talking about when they say language explosion! When my parents were here at the end of December he was just starting to put two words together at a time. Now, he can say three word mini sentences (ie. "more water please", "I got it", "CJ/mama/dada do it"). It has been amazing watching him pick up new words, but also very eye opening for me about what comes out of my mouth. I'm not talking about cuss words or anything like that...but hearing a mini version of myself is enlightening...

Example #1: "Um"
I think he picked this up after I was trying to be cute one day playing a game. Backfire, Mama!!! I was listing animals, and would make a crazy face while thinking of the next one say "Um" ("Monkey" "um" (with accompanying silly face) "Elephant" "um" "Lion" "um" on) Then I noticed he started using "um" whenever he was listing things, just like I did that one day. So, lesson learned, no matter how what I say (and do for that matter)!!

Example #2: "Nope"
When correcting CJ I TRY really hard to tell him "no, sir". I guess I must have started saying "nope" as a less harsh way of correcting him?! (When you're saying "no" 50,000 times a day, you look for different ways to say it??) I honestly didn't even notice I was doing it until I started hearing it back. A real conversation example:
Mama: "CJ eat your waffle"
CJ: "nope".
Mama: "no, thank you, Mama" (shockingly picking my jaw up off the ground).
Gotta nip this one in the bud too!! (SIDE NOTE: being raised in the south by northern parents, we weren't expected to say "no, sir/ma'am" but it is something we still managed to pick up and realize that it was the polite thing to do. Now, being in the military (where ma'am & sir is required) and with us moving all over tarnation (where ma'am & sir are not always necessary depending on where you are), JT and I still need to decide if we are going to enforce sir/ma'am or not. Maybe not require, but strongly encourage? (but require "Yes, please." or "No, thank you" vs. "Yeah" & "Nope")!)

Example #3: "Okay"
This one is within the last week. When CJ wants something he will say "yes" after it.
"Manny Snack, yes?" (his favorite snack)
"Choo Choos, yes?" (to watch his newest favorite TV show, Thomas)
"Ani-mals, yes?" (when he wants us to go to the zoo or safari park-spoiled rotten kid!!!)
Well, I guess I must tell CJ "okay" a lot (aka. always give him what he wants for the most part-within reason) because this week he has started saying "Manny Snack, yes? Okay." "Choo Choos, yes? Okay." He just goes ahead and answers "okay" for me. But WATCH OUT if my answer wasn't going to be "okay" and I tell him "no"....HA HA.

Everyday he seems to pick up new words which is so fun! I love teaching him new things and words, but I just need to be more careful and more intentional with every. word. i. say. A couple of my favorite words to hear him say right now are "Oct-Ta-Puss" & "Puff-Fer-Fiss" (Pufferfish) and my very very favorite thing he says right now is "Luv-Vu Mama."


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I loved this post! He's a smart little boy! I can only imagine how cute he sounds saying all of that. It is crazy what they pick up. I never would have thought of the three things you listed!

Kendra said...

I hear ya!!! The twins are just a few months younger than CJ, and we are starting to see the very beginning of what you are talking about!

I've learned I say "oh, sure" a lot!! and I go "hmmmm..." when I am looking for something!