Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Big "2"

I wanted to share CJ's birthday on Tuesday! It was a great day!

We started the morning with me making cinnamon rolls with icing for breakfast! He loved them! I think here he is saying "Ahhhhh"
He got up a little earlier than usual, so we had a little "down" time before the day's we watched part of his favorite movie: Cars. (his request!) I think from the smile on his face he enjoyed that! :)
We met some friends for playgroup at a playground that we hadn't been to yet. CJ had a BLAST, and kept trying to give me a heart attack by climbing to the highest part of the play structure and sliding down the tallest slide all by himself! (not the slide in the picture, I was too busy trying to make sure he didn't fall to take pictures of that!) I guess he really is a "big boy"! Everyone saw his shirt and asked if it was his birthday which was sweet! I had thought about bringing cupcakes to share, but didn't want to be "that mom" giving everyone's kids sugar! Ha!
We went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch, where CJ got a red balloon and got to play in the play area with one of his friends! After naptime, we did a lot of playing with Cars while we waited for Dada to come home from work!!
We also got to Skype and Facetime a lot of our family on the East Coast which was fun!
More playing with "Cisco" & "Queen".
How many cars can a little boy hold and run around the house?
The three of us went out to Olive Garden for dinner. We just did cupcakes this year since we were having such a small celebration, and we had those when we got home from dinner. He wasn't sure how to blow out the candle, so Dada helped him with that quickly (because he was about to set his sleeve on fire!) CJ was excited about the special paper plates I got for his party!
His "Marcus Gunn" eye. (Blog post to come at a later date). I love everything about him, including those things that God gave him that are "different" from "normal". I always smile when I see his "special" eye because it is something that makes CJ, CJ and I wouldn't have him any other way.
The birthday boy biting into his cupcake.
This was SO funny! Each cupcake had a "Queen" or "Mater" ring on the top. CJ thought it was a spoon!! HA HA! He called it "poon" and used it to dip icing off the top of his cupcake, and then would lick the frosting off of it! He is a riot!
The birthday banner I made for him. Even though it was "just us" I still wanted to do something for him!! And he LOVED it. He kept walking up to the banner saying "mater!" & "queen!" :)
I'll just lick it on the plate!
Happy messy birthday boy!
Wanna give me a hug? No thanks right now, but I think a bath is DEFINITELY in order...
After his bath, he got to open a present from us. (He had already opened three others that came in the mail throughout the day). He was excited to get yet another Cars book!
Then he said "More presents". Little Mr. Spoiled must have thought it was like Christmas where the presents are never ending...and didn't like it when we told him that was it. So he threw a fittingly "terrible two tantrum". It's my party and I'll cry if I want to....
We read him his new Cars book at bedtime and he went to sleep. It was a great day for all of us, albeit a little emotional for me...I look at him as a "big boy"and wonder where did "my baby" go?

This morning when CJ came into our bedroom he asked "more presents?". No, not for a while... JT had a day off from work today, so he was able to join us for CJ's 2-year well visit. CJ measured 34.5 inches tall (54%) & weighed 26lb, 14oz (36%). It was a great checkup and we got our list of questions (Type A?!) answered and feel like we are doing an "okay" job raising this boy! I can't believe that his next checkup isn't until 3 years! That seems so far away, but sadly, I know it will be here before I know it! We went out to brunch as a family, and now it is naptime! We've had a fun couple of days celebrating our precious CJ's 2nd Birthday!! And now that JT is FINALLY feeling better, we're hoping to go do something fun together as a family on our long weekend too (JT gets Martin Luther King Day off!)


Jenni said...

how fun! looks like you guys had a great day! the picture of cj with chocolate all over his face made me laugh. :D

Ashley said...

I love that you posted about his little fit. Ha! The reality of a two year old! Plus it's super cute. : ) (For the readers, anyway!) That sounds like such a fun and special 2nd birthday. He is such a lucky boy to have great parents like y'all!

Kendra said...

Happy Happy Happy birthday to a sweet little boy!! He is just so precious and I can't believe he is two already!

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Now, so far this is working..;.Happy Birthday, Mr. Chocolate Face....adorable pictures. Two major events: Christmas/Birthday....I say you may have a problems explaining now. Too cute...I love your banner! Misunderstood JT I would love to know how you did it? LT you are very, very multitalent. I am so impressed.

coach said...

Lt and Jt you never should have taught CT to use the word "more"...CT is one smart kid and you both have done a great job raising him.