Thursday, August 4, 2011

All Play and No Work Makes CJ a Happy Boy!

I've been trying to make sure to take "play breaks" for CJ during this move process! It is good for him (both of us, actually) to get out of the house and try to find fun things to do nearby! I've also joined a couple of Momma Meetup Groups, so hopefully we can meet some friends soon to go do fun stuff with too!!

At the playground, riding "Memo" (Nemo).
We had the chance to meet up with some friends we were stationed with in Hawaii. It was fun getting to reminisce about our time there and learn about San Diego from them. Sad though, because they are on their way out just as we arrived!!
It really helps if you hold your foot straight up while you drink your water. Ha ha! He is SO FUNNY!!!
Lining up cars is a MUST DO several times a day!
One of the parks I found that is only a 5 minute drive from our house is Lake Poway Park. There are two different playground areas and lots of picnic areas. And you can rent boats and go fishing! It was beautiful!! I can see us coming here quite a bit!!
And it was a hit in CJ's books too!!
There was a little table inside this play "house". At one point there were a bunch of older kids sitting at the table playing, and CJ just walked up and plopped himself down with them. They kinda looked at him like "who are you" and he looked at them like "duh, I'm playing WITH you". He has such a fun, outgoing personality, which makes it that much more challenging when I am having to discipline him, because half the time I am struggling to keep a straight face because he is just so funny!!!
Turning the Wheels and making the Gears move (it was neat watching him trying to figure out gears and how one makes another one move!) Moments like this make the saying "seeing the world through the eyes of a child" come alive. I really do think about things in a whole new way when I watch him learning.
He went down the slide by himself like a big boy (sitting up rather than going down on his belly).
Another great place I found is called Kidding Around. It's about 12 minutes away, and is an indoor play place which will be good for rainy or hot days!! And they have a military discount! :) They had a ball pit that CJ DID NOT want to get out of!!
He kept saying "ball, ball, ball"!! He loves balls almost as much as he loves cars!!
He also enjoyed riding the various animals and of course driving the cars! Ha ha!
I just found out today that there is a Gymboree Gym nearby so we'll probably go try a free class there next week!

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Sue said...

I am too upset. Lacy this is the 3rd one I missed. These are great. I so enjoying myself. I have no idea why the did not show up when I click on my favorites. I found them by coming in another way and could not believe all that I have been missing. I am so DA at times. No comment Jay. These again are fantastic pictures. I love the way you and the pictures tell the story.