Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wild Animal

Although the title of my post could be referring to my active son (whose newest favorite activity includes climbing ON TOP OF THE KITCHEN TABLE!), I am talking about the Wild Animal Park here in San Diego!! Our Zoo membership includes free admission to this park and it is just one exit up from our house (like a 10 minute drive). We've been once as a family, and CJ and I went last week during the day. We might go again this morning too?! CJ telling his Dada about the fans and "lights" on the ceiling (doing the baby sign language for light) as we waited to take our "Safari".
This animal (can't remember the name, I was too busy trying to make sure my son didn't jump off the Safari) had a baby a few weeks ago...SOOO cute!!
This is one of the last Northern White Rhinos left in the world. There were only 7 left at last count, 2 of which are at this park (5 in the wild). It was sad seeing them though, because they are too old to reproduce, so knowing that CJ's kids will never see this species made me sad. :(
The park is HUGE, and so beautiful!!
CJ enjoying his "cookies" (not sure how all snacks all of a sudden became "cookies" because I promise he has only ever had a cookie a couple of times!!) on the safari!
Snuggling with Dada!
Yikes!! We stayed on the paths!!
When I took him during the day, CJ had a BALL on the playground at the park! His favorite part of the play structure was OF COURSE the "vroom vroom" wheel! Ha ha!
And he was SOOO proud because he climbed on top of this lion all by himself!!
We went into the special enclosure, and fed the lorikeets. Here he is saying "tweet tweet". You can see his little lips puckered saying the "w" sound!! :)
So excited to see the birdies up close!!
We've pretty much already made our money back on the year membership by going to the zoo once, and the Wild Animal park twice!! And all this talking about it has made me wanna go back now, so I think we will! :)

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Sue said...

I am very upset with myself for I have missed a lot of these highlights in the life of my grandson and family. I cannot wait to get to San D and seeing this park as well. What a great time you must be having. CT must be in 7th heaven being able to see those tweet tweets up close and personal.