Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Day

Last Friday, CJ and I were invited to join JT at Dental Family Day. Getting to doing something fun with "Dada" on Friday almost made it seem like a 3 day weekend. I was happy to get to meet some of JT's new coworkers! CJ was happy to get to run around and play!

He must have seen someone hula-hooping, because he just stepped right in and walked around like he was a pro!
And they had lots of bubbles for the kids to play with, which was right up his alley!
There was a giant bouncy obstacle course/slide that CJ thought was fun!
He even braved going down the big slide on his own!
We can't wait until the next Family Day! :)


Sue said...

It looks like you enjoyed that slide as well Lacy. In fact, if I was young and had my old energy, I would love to get on that slide. I certain hope that CT does a better job on the hoola hoop then I did. I never accomplished the secret of working that thing.

coach said...

Looks like this San Diego move is going to be right on. So much fun activities for you guys. Looks like a fun day for all. Never could hula hoop either.....