Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Line 'em up

Nothing earth-shattering today, just a few pictures of some things CJ is into right now:

Lining up his books. He, himself, selected these books off his bookshelf and then lined them up like this. There are sometimes I would LOVE to just for a second be able to crawl into his little brain and see how it is that he decides to do what he does!
And one morning he put on his Mickey ears to line up his blocks. Must be his "thinking cap"?!
He is climbing EVERYTHING, and his newest "accomplishment" is that when he is hungry he will climb up into his highchair by himself and try to put his bib on. Like, "Hello, Mama, I'm ready, where's the food?!" (And when he is all done he uses his feet and pushes away from the table and throws his bib on the floor)
More lining up books...aka, running away from Mama while she is trying to dress me...
And his newest obsession besides balls, books, shoes, hats and cars is: TRAINS! Much to our dismay, he discovered and fell in love with the Disney TV show Chuggington. It has a catchy theme song that CJ always dances to (super cute!), but the plots are annoying to adult audiences (to us anyhow!). I would much rather watch Mickey or Handy Manny any day...but he loves trains. And will keep saying "choo choo" over and over again. I was able to get him the Doug & Melissa building block train for free with our Huggies rewards codes.
CJ just loves it when Dada gets home from work every afternoon! As soon as he hears the door open, he starts running down the hall saying "Dada" and will hug both of JT's legs and say "up". It is seriously the sweetest thing ever, and even if it's been a long day, seeing my son love his daddy so much just melts my heart every time and makes me fall deeper in love with both of them.


Kendra said...

I hear ya. When Dave is playing with our babies I fall in love all over again! =)

Sue said...

Lacy what a beautiful thing to say.. have you tried to switch his lineup around so one or two items are different. Do it while he is not looking and see if he notices? Also take one out of the lineup and see if he replaces it? Have fun Mom chasing that boy..lol

Ashley said...

Awww...that is so sweet! I can't wait for David to say that to John. He is so precious. I love that he lines everything up. He's so particular. That's adorable! He has such a cute personality!