Friday, August 19, 2011

"Pay" Time

I found out that we have a Gymboree Play & Music near us, so I thought we'd try it out. The first class was free. Of course, my active little CJ LOVED it! Lots of equipment to play and climb on and group activities and songs, not to mention the bubbles! If you signed up for a month during your free trial class you got $50 off. Gymboree is NOT cheap, so I'm not sure if we'll keep it up after our discounted month is over...we will have weigh if I've found other activities for us by then or if CJ really loves it enough to justify paying full price.
CJ enjoyed doing some slam dunks! :)
And walking on the balance beam with a ball.
Climbing is basically his favorite hobby right now...
My boy has NO fear of anything. Walking out on the high balance beam by himself. (I was right next to him!). Every time I would try to hold his hand he would let go!!
CJ is so cute. Whenever we're getting ready to go somewhere to play (Gymboree, a park) I'll ask him if he wants to "go play". He will respond "Pay?!" with an excited tone, said in a sing-songy manner that goes up at the end. Adorable!!
This was the free music class that we got to try out for being members. I was not a fan, but it could have just been the teacher? CJ didn't seem to notice the lack of organization or lack of musical talent, all he cared about were the Bubbles!!!
More balance beam climbing.
And riding!!
We are still trying to find our "groove" of things we do, (like classes, mom/kid groups). In Michigan, I felt like we found a good balance of structured classes, play dates with friends and free time. I'm planning on trying a Mom & Tot Gymnastics class that is nearby to see if he might like that better than Gymboree? (it is cheaper!). I've joined two meetup groups, and we are slowly trying to meet people and make new friends. We are signed up for Music Together that starts in September and are hopeful that it will be good since we both really enjoyed that program in Ann Arbor. And MOPS starts next month too, so I'm really looking forward to that as well! Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, we don't just stay-at-home!


Sue said...

I must say you two are very active. I sure wish they had all these activities when JT and PM were growing up. When it is time for Colin to start school you are going to be one bored lady. You might want to start thinking about had to pass the time so it does not hit you too suddenly. By the way it is a good thing I come in the back door to this blog because if I use favorites it doesn/t take me to your new post.

coach said...

You are going to be a real tired stay at home Mom. You do not stay home. I think it is great that you can find all this stuff for you and CJ to do outside the house.