Saturday, August 20, 2011

Helping with the yard work

I know I've said a few hundred times already how much I love our new house (because I do!). I tell JT everyday and thank him for doing such a great job when he came and picked it out for us! Anyhow, one of my favorite parts of our house is the backyard!! I love the beautiful landscaping (that we don't have to worry about, because a landscaper who was included in the rent, comes once a week!), and I love that it is fenced in and safe for CJ!

CJ enjoys his new yard too! One of his favorite parts is helping me with the oranges. I pick the ripe ones off the tree and toss them over to the grass for CJ to gather up.
He is my little "helper"! He dumped a basket full of oranges on his head so that he could wear the basket like a hat. Isn't he so helpful?! ;)
Then he throws the oranges into the basket like basketball...(just helping loosen up that juice for when I make the OJ).
He is getting lots of practice for next Easter...
CJ loves hats (see tomorrow's blog...) and on this particular day, he randomly put on this baseball batting helmet to mow the lawn. Ha ha!!
One of my projects in the yard is that I planted a small garden. CJ saw me watering my plants and he wanted to help water too!!
I was pulling my hose across the yard to water, so CJ started pulling the other hose out too!
And the freshly watered soil apparently looked irresistible for digging in! Ha ha!
And then CJ wiped his muddy hands on his nice white shirt! Needless to say, he got a bath this night...
In my mini garden, I planted a roma tomato, 2 red bell peppers, one yellow bell pepper, and a jalapeno pepper plant. Also I did basil, cilantro, mint, parsley and thyme in pots. I don't have a good track record with gardening (I have a history of having a brown thumb), so JT is betting against me succeeding. Ha ha! So, I am bound & determined to prove him wrong! Prayers are more than welcome! Updates and more pictures to come!!


Sue said...

Well join the group for I do not have a green thumb either, but my Daddy sure did and he planted all types of fruit and spices. He would have just loved you for trying but he would have especially loved to try planting where you live now. Unk, our St. Augustine Uncle use to send us fruit every year when we lived in Summerton, SC. Maybe CT will inherit some of his talent so let me continue to help in the garden.

coach said...

Dirt is good for him, builds the old immune system. Keep up the good work CJ.