Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making a Splash!

One of the meetup playdates that CJ and I went to last week was at a splash park! We'd never been to one before and I must say that it was a HIT!
My son is a little fish! He LOVES anything water oriented!! CJ was so cute, running around from one water fountain to the next, in amazement, like "wow, where is this water coming from!?".
Unfortunately, this splash park is in a gated community, so we can't go to this one on a regular basis, but I've heard there are a couple others nearby we can check out! There is even one at the Safari Park that we can do!
I really liked the ladies that I got to meet. But it is pretty challenging trying to get to know someone when every conversation can only last about 5 seconds until one of us has to run to chase down a toddler! The same meetup group is having a "wine night" next week, so I am looking forward to hopefully getting to know some people a little better then! :)


Sue said...

My very favortie thing to do in this whole wide world was water sports. I lifeguarded, taught swimming and skiing,broke rules at college enjoying Lake Lanier, and lord knows what else. I simply loved the water and I am so glad CT is enjoying it too. I sure wish when I was young they had water activites like they do today . Now I enjoy just sitting under an umbrella in the water at a water park seeing others have fun.

coach said...

Sue, that comes with father time..... I can only keep saying the same over and over. Great Son, Great Daughter(in-law) and awesome grandson by these two. Of course I have two other awesome grand children by my great Daughte and other Son (in-law). That's all i got to say about that......