Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movin' In is Hard to Do

Can't believe it's been so long since my last post! Sorry!! Every time I get a free minute to sit down to write this blog, something happens...

Either CJ REFUSES to go to bed (aka, "cries it out" for like 2 hours!!), or I lose track of time unpacking/re-organizing, or I get a stomach bug for 2 days. Yeah, the last one SUCKED. First time being REALLY sick since being a stay-at-home mom (other than a cold), and it was HARD.

There is so much to catch up on, I won't even fathom trying to do it all in one post. So, yes there are more posts coming! :)

We are LOVING San Diego so far! The weather is gorgeous, and there is SOOO much to do! And we are LOVING our new house!! It is coming along really well (all things considered!) Every room except the guest room is unpacked and "functional" (not perfect). I will share more pictures of that soon! CJ is enjoying all the freedom!

Just a few pictures to tide you over for now:
Eating breakfast like a CHAMP!! He is eating 3 pancakes, 2-3 turkey sausage patties, and fruit every morning! Homeboy loves his breakfast!!! Here he is holding a piece of "saw-saw" (sausage).
Driving his truck on the couch (and all over the house!)
Apparently his truck was dirty, because CJ put it in the dishwasher for us! What a good "helper" ;)
A little reading before bedtime, in his big boy "vroom vroom" jammies!!
The view of the sunset tonight from my backyard!!!

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Sue said...

Well what is this, number five that I missed reading. What a great view you have from your yard. Awesome. Well Colin takes after me when it comes to breakfast. It has always been my favorite meal and many times I like it at night as well.