Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random life catch up

Yet again, I find life getting away from me...I get caught up on one thing as another thing falls behind. I really want to blog to document all the new adventures and shenanigans that CJ is getting into, but when things are busy, blogging takes a backseat.

Anyhow, playing catch up a little with some random things we've been up to:

We got CJ's swing hung up in the backyard, and after about 2 seconds he signed that he was "all done". Awesome. Ha ha! (And this was after pleading with us to "ss-wing" for weeks as the swing sat on the porch. He would even make the asking more dramatic by going and SITTING IN the swing sitting on the porch.) Typical.
Even though his words are really taking off, CJ still uses the signs for "all done", "more", "book", "help" and "night-night" (seen below).
CJ has the funniest personality (I'm sure I'm just a little biased, but still...). The other day he took the stacking rings and thought they would make great anklets/shoes.
Here he is trying to walk around with them on. Ha ha!
And then he got frustrated that he couldn't get this one off. He laid back and tried to pull it off and told me "suck" (stuck). So I had to help him take off his anklet. Look at the pitiful face.
We went to a Hands on Museum in Escondido with a meetup group. Thankfully we got in free with our Children's Museum membership from Ann Arbor, because I was not super impressed. CJ still had fun though! He loves to color.
And when I saw him pushing the stroller around I thought to myself "Oh how cute, he is pushing a stroller just like his mama does..." until I heard him saying "vroom vroom" (must have just seen the 4 wheels and thought it was a big car?!
I caught another beautiful sunset from our backyard. I love that we can see mountains where we live! Reminds me of Hawaii!
Speaking of Hawaii, I had to say goodbye to another one of our military friends we met in Hawaii whose time in San Diego was over (the gal in the middle). Sad we didn't have more time, but at least there is still one family we know here. We also met in Hawaii, and were stationed in Michigan together too (gal on the left).
I've been really enjoying my orange tree. One of our orange trees is unfortunately a "bitter orange" which isn't able to be used for anything.
But my other orange tree makes up for it with lots of sweet sweet oranges.
CJ and I pick the oranges. (Well I pick them and he "helps me"-more photos to come). I wash them off and cut them in half.
I bought a refurbished juicer on overstock for really cheap and it is SO much easier than hand squeezing which is what I was doing.
Finished product. SOOO delish!!!
Last weekend while CJ was napping, JT gave me a "break" and I went to go get a pedicure. I chose purple. I thought it was fun and different. And then the lady asked me if I wanted a flower, which turned out SOOO cute!!
And then the next day, JT and I got to go on a MUCH NEEDED date night!! :) We went out to dinner and stopped at the beach in La Jolla. It was so nice having that adult-one-on-one time as husband and wife instead of "dada & mama". One of the disadvantages of military life is never having family or friends to babysit for free. Geez, that would be nice...but because we are in the military, we get a free membership to I interviewed and found a couple of babysitters that we felt were compatible with our family. The sitter that watched CJ for us did great, and she said that he did good too, so we are looking forward to the next date.
Monday, JT got off work early and came to help me at the grocery store. I loved having an extra set of hands and eyes to make sure that CJ wasn't pulling things off the shelf. Y'all think I'm kidding...ha ha! And CJ loved having a cart that had a steering wheel!
Tuesday I went downtown to see one of my high school classmates who happened to be in town for a few days. I hadn't seen her in 10 years (gosh, I'm feeling old!), and it was really fun catching up and reminiscing about the past.
And today, CJ "helped" me make dinner by getting all my mixing bowls out and lining them up in the living room. Oh and don't forget the strainer. Have I mentioned lately that he is a MESS?! But I love him! :)
Never a dull moment around here, but I think I would be so bored otherwise!


Sue said...

Well Lacy Colin has managed to totally exhaust me and I am not even there to enjoy it. Between Skype and your blog Colin has shown me that he is one good handful of fun and mischief. He is adorable and funny. I know you and Jay are covering your mouths in laughter many times during the day.

Jenni said...

Lacy! yay, more blog posts. i think maybe my browser cookies weren't letting me see the new posts, cuz i also missed about 6 of them. but then it made it even more fun to read 6 new ones in a row. :) love reading about your CA adventures!! cuuuute toes, love the flowers, how did she do that? XOXO! jenni