Monday, August 22, 2011

What a zoo!

I hope y'all don't get tired of reading about the zoo and safari park, because I'm probably not going to get tired of going and/or talking about it anytime soon! CJ and I have gone to the safari park once a week so far and STILL have not seen it all!!

This is the elephant feeding "enrichment" time:
One great thing about our membership, and only living 10 minutes away from the park is that we are able to go for short visits, which are perfect for CJ's age and short attention span! Ready for his nap, let's go home mama!
Petting a baby goat:
Dada got to come with us to the zoo last weekend!!
Snacking while animal watching, it's a rough life...
Even though there was a monkey, and hippos in this exhibit, CJ was enamored with the fish!! "Memo, memo..."
Signing and saying "more" (he wanted to see more birds!)
There is a great "hands on" discovery zone at the Safari Park. Here CJ is playing with the plastic frogs:
Reading about the monkeys (he still does the baby sign for monkey by scratching under his arms) "eee eee".
They have a table with all different plastic animals for the kids to play with.
And the zoo keepers brought out a HUGE African frog to for the kids to get to see up close.
CJ thought it was a giant rabbit (I guess because it was hopping?!) But that is pretty smart because the face looks like a bunny too!
Feeding the "kak kak" ducks.
This was SOOO exciting for me! We got to see the 2 month old baby gorilla. His name is Monroe. I thought it was so beautiful seeing the Mama Gorilla hold her baby in her arms just like a human. He was so tiny compared to how big she was!!
The Mama grabbed a handful of hay and then carried her son over to the other cave to give him a soft place to lay. The gentility and compassion of such a giant animal was just so amazing to see!
CJ waiting in the bleachers for the bird show to begin. Gotta have your snack in one hand and your water in the other!!
Watching the elephants!
Feeding time!
Each cheetah is raised with a domestic dog best friend. Cheetahs don't like each other, but they still need company. So, when the cheetah is about 3 months old they pair it with a dog that is about 6 months old, so that the dog is the alpha in the relationship. The two become inseparable within about a week. They sleep together, lick each other, do everything together except eat. (And the trainer said it is because the DOG would want to eat both bowls!!)
The happy demeanor of the doggie helps keep the cheetah grounded. Look at this relaxed face because his best friend nearby! :)
I am so glad that CJ enjoys "am-in-nal"s (animals) as much as I do! :)

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