Saturday, August 27, 2011

Operation tire him out

There is a definite correlation between how tired CJ is and how well he sleeps. Makes sense, huh?! Well, duh Lace, ha ha! So one of my goals everyday for us is to have some sort of a morning and an afternoon "activity" to help burn some of the overabundance of energy that my son exudes. It doesn't always even need to be an "organized activity", even just going a playground for 30 minutes is great! I really strive for us to leave the house at least once a day (it is good for both of us!) So if we go somewhere in the morning, then in the afternoon we might just play cars and balls at the house, or run around the backyard. And I also try to consider that if I subject CJ to an activity that isn't geared toward him or playing (ie. grocery shopping where he is just sitting in the cart), that the other activity for the day should be something more active!

Gymboree has been a great place for CJ. He really enjoys all the equipment and exploring everything they have to play with in an environment outside of our house!
Bubble time is a FAVE!! He runs around yelling "Bub-ble! Bub-ble!"
I was so proud because another Mom came up and told me "Your son has the best personality! He is so fun!" I mean, of course, I know he is wonderful since I am his Momma, but it was nice to hear that a stranger could see that something special about CJ too! :) I think at this point, he was the only kid under the parachute, and he was running around giggling!
So on this particular day, when we got home and ate a quick lunch, CJ went right down for his nap! Gymboree just wears him out! Look at how peaceful he is when he's sleeping!! Sometimes when he's napping in the afternoon or even after he goes to bed at night, I sneak into his room and watch him sleep. I pray over him and thank God for His beautiful blessing.
My boy must take after me, in that he is NOT a morning person. When he wakes up (both in the morning and from his nap in the afternoon) he doesn't want to get up immediately. He will sit and read his books and play in his crib. He lets me know when he's ready to get up by saying "Up" or "Mama, Mama!" or by crying.
After reading, CJ picked up his bear and Mickey and gave them a hug! What a sweet sweet little boy!
Then he wanted to share Mickey with his Mama!!
Everyone who sees him in action comments on just how "BUSY" CJ is (even other moms of boys!). Or another comment we get a lot is that he is "ALL BOY!!". My Mom says that he isn't active because he is a boy, but because he is my son and I have always been active! At any rate, I can't imagine changing anything about his wonderfully energetic, fun personality! But I'm still going to do my best to make sure he gets plenty of opportunities to "burn off some steam"! ;) (So he can get his sleep, and get re-energized just to do it all over again!)


Sue said...

I personally think that it is not only CT with a lot of energy, but his Mom has an overdose of energy genes herself. I am definately not a morning person and like to do FV or read when I wake up in the morning. I remember doing something similar to that parachute thing in my gym class at BHS.

coach said...

I think you and JT are the luckliest parents (next to JT's and your parents)to have one of the most remarkable toddlers ever born. He is precious, a parent's real joy. He is also very lucky to have you and JT as his parents. He will continue to amaze us all.

PS. I loved my BD card. I am so blessed to have you in my life also. Thanks JT.............