Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bathtime Baby

CJ LOVES baths! We don't usually do a bath every night, but as he has gotten increasingly more interested in playing outside (aka. digging in the dirt every chance he gets!), we have started needing to do baths a little more often! ;)
Bath is another sign he still does regularly. When we ask if he wants to take a bath, he'll sign "bath" (rubbing his hands up & down on his chest) and say "bub-ble" because we always blow bubbles at bathtime! :)

He loves picking out what toys to play with, and which bath book to read! "Memo" (Nemo) is almost always a winner. And now he can also say "Tur-tle" and points to Crush as he reads his book.
A happy, clean CJ
Now that he is bigger, I stand him up outside the tub and wrap the towel around him! He loves to parade through the house wearing the towel like a cape!
Look at that sweet "fish" profile!
After bath time, we do our normal bedtime routine: We lay CJ down on the changing table. Give him his vitamin, put on his nighttime diaper, and his PJs. Then our family dentist, Dr. JT, wrestles with his son trying to brush his teeth. We say our prayers, read books, rock for a couple of minutes and then set CJ into his crib awake. He has a bear, Mickey, a blankie, a sippy cup of water, and 4 books (right now...depends on the week). He hasn't been crying for AS LONG lately, but I think it depends largely on how tired he is!! He must have done a good job of wearing himself out today (in addition to the everyday accomplishment of wearing out his mama!) because tonight he went right down! :)


Ashley said...

He is so cute!! I love bath and bedtime. So sweet!

Jenni said...

omg, adorable! also that towel cape is so cute. also, i love his new-ish haircut. :)

Sue said...

I love to watch bath time when I visit or on Skype. He has loved his bath from day one. He is such a cute little fish and someday will swim like one since he loves the pool and tub so much.

coach said...

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is what I have always heard. My Mom used to scrub the hide off of us boys 2 or 3 times a day. I actually remember some of them.