Friday, August 5, 2011

California Girl

Well, it's official. I've traded in my Michigan Driver's license for California! And I use the term "traded" loosely, because I had to TAKE A TEST!! JT was teasing me because I stayed up late one night studying for it. Although I've been driving for 13 years (oh gosh, that makes me feel OLD), there are always some things that are different in each state. For example, remember me talking about how motorcycles ride in between cars? Well, after studying the CA Driver's Manual, I learned that that is LEGAL! CRAZY?!, but true!! Anyhow, I passed the test, thank goodness!! And now, I'm a "California Girl".
So last weekend we did a real "Californian" activity and went to the beach on Coronado Island. It was so beautiful!! CJ had a blast running around in the sand.
I was pointing out a "Tweet Tweet" pelican diving into the water to eat his beloved Nemos. Ha ha!
CJ also enjoyed digging and throwing the sand!
And, More running. This boy is all the workout I need these days!
The beach was so pretty. I can't wait to explore other beaches in my new state! :)

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Sue said...

Gee I missed another highlight. These a great pictures, but I like the California Girl part. I would have been right with you "studying" and I have been driving a lot longer then you. Oh, lordy....I can hear Jay now all the way to SC on that statement.