Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hats and shoes

CJ keeps us constantly laughing. One of his funny antics is his affinity for hats and shoes. If he's not trying on our shoes that are sitting next to the door, he's walking around the house with a hat on! Here are a few pictures, and keep in mind these are just the instances that I happened to capture, there were LOTS more that I missed!!

Dada's flip flop...
Walking into the office wearing his beach hat:
As a Clemson alumni and diehard Tiger fan, it kills me to type this: Go gamecocks.
CJ playing with his toys pimpin his USC hat backwards.
Mama's sandal:
Wearing his sun hat at the Safari Park. (We have lost TWO hats at this park! Frustrated, I bought this one that has a neck strap, and I looped the strap through the shoulder harness of the stroller. SO now when he throws his hat "off" it just hangs on the side of the stroller instead of falling to the ground and getting left behind! I feel like I won this battle!)
At the Children's Museum, playing dress up as a cop:
And a maraca shaking construction worker. Ha ha!
Wearing Dada's shoe in the kitchen. It is SO funny watching him walk around in shoes that don't fit!!
This horsey was built by my maternal grandfather who I, sadly, never got to meet. He built this horse for my Mom when she was little. Then, my sister and I both got to ride horsey when we were little. Now, little CJ is finally big enough for it to be his turn! :) And instinctively he grabbed his favorite hat and climbed on up, which was perfectly "fittin" for a cowboy riding a horsey!
Another of Mama's shoes...
Hope you enjoyed the CJ fashion show! Ha ha!


Sue said...

I absolutely loved the fashion show. You are right he sure loves his shoes and hats. Those hats look adorable on him too.

Ashley said...

Ha! He is a trip! The funniest part is that those oversized shoes don't seem to slow him down at all! He looks like he's just going to town walking around in them! So cute!

coach said...

This is Coach: He is a treat to watch in his hat and shoes. I love our Skype sessions.

coach said...

Love the pictures, he is a joy to watch. Love our skype sessions.