Monday, August 29, 2011

Shave Ice!!

One of our most favorite things EVER in Hawaii was the Shave Ice. It was one of the "must do's" that we would take all our visitors to try. Well, I am SO excited that we found an authentic Shave Ice place that is only about 10 minutes from our house. (Excited for my stomach, but not so much for my wallet and waistline! ha ha!)
CJ getting to try his first taste of Shave Ice!
YUM!!! I think he likes it! (but how could he not?!)
Wahine Kai Shave Ice tasted just as good as the Shave Ice in Hawaii, and that is saying a lot! We can't wait to go back! And future visitors, don't worry, this can be a stop on your San Diego tour itinerary if you'd like!


Sue said...

Very definately put this on my itinerary. That shaved ice was one of my favorite memories of HA. Does it have the bean?

Jenni said...

what is the difference between shave ice and a sno-cone? wow, i bet this would be great on a hot day!