Friday, March 23, 2012

Aquarium & Flower Fields

JT's mom, "Nana" is here for a week for a visit! We are all really enjoying her, but especially CJ!! (Papa had to stay in SC and work. CJ knows that Nana and Papa should go together and has asked about Papa everyday! So sweet!)

I asked CJ what he wanted to do. Of course he started naming about 5,000 animals...I decided since we hadn't done much the last two weeks, that we (me!) should "start small". So Nana's first day in San Diego, we took her to the Birch Aquarium. Showing Nana a "fish!" Boy was Nana (and a random man also looking at an exhibit) impressed when CJ correctly identified an "anemone" (I guess Finding Nemo is educational!)
Checking out the BIG tank.
The beautiful La Jolla coast!
Enjoying the energy exhibit!
The touch pool. CJ did a great job touching a starfish, an anemone, a sea urchin, and some seaweed. Then he thought it would be fun to "splash!" HA HA!
We went out for dinner for Mexican food and CJ didn't eat much (typical). He liked the "chips" and of course the churro for dessert. (Please note we did feed him two squeezie pouches of veggie/fruits in addition to those unhealthy carbs!)
"Swimming!" (Just like "Nemo Dada" & Dory).
Getting rinsed off!
CJ cleaning his ears (not really! And they are the baby safe kind!) while he gets his hair combed.
"Brush-a Teeth!"
"Nana read!" CJ insisted on having Nana read his bedtime story!
The second day of Nana's visit, we decided to head toward the coast. One thing I'd been hearing about since we moved here were the Carlsbad Flower Fields (they are only open March-May). It was worth the wait! But I couldn't help but feel a certain amount of "touristy-ness" to it too...similar to Dole Plantation on Oahu. There were so many pretty flowers.
CJ enjoyed running around! And they had a pond with minnows in it, he liked those and asked for "more fish!" HA!
They also had two cages of birds in the Artist Garden and he really like those too!
He kind of could care less about the actual flowers. Stinker face!
Until he saw the "tractors". ("Red tractor!" "Orange tractor!" "Green tractor"). So he was super excited for our ride on the tractor! I'm glad that we did the tractor ride, it was the best way to get to see all the fields and enjoy the beautiful day without having to overdo it! (Especially when you are 8 months pregnant!)
We all got "Green Stamps!" to show we paid for the tractor ride. CJ and I talking about our "Green Stamps!" :)
When we were done with the tractor ride, Nana was checking out some more flowers and CJ took off and beelined for a playground?! Leave it to him to find it!! This was so funny: he walked up to these mushrooms and called them "octopus". (I can see where the bottoms are a similar wavy shape?) HA HA.
He climbed to the top of the playhouse by himself
And went down the big slide!
We drove down the coast a little (we'll go back so Nana can see more!), but traffic was starting to get bad (rush hour!), so we drove over to Dada's work! This scene melts my heart EVERYDAY. When CJ hears JT open the door he'll RUN down the hall yelling "DADA!!" and today meeting him in the parking lot was no different! As soon as I unstrapped CJ from his carseat and he saw JT standing there, he LEPT into his arms!
Checking out "Dada work". CJ was excited to get to see "Dada Office". And walked around like HE was the boss! ;)
Can't wait for more adventures with Nana!

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Sue said...

I love taking pictures, especially flower pictures. Today I enjoyed it all. It was so much fun, especially watching CT. He is such a "happy" boy. JT looks good in his work garb??? What the heck he is a handsome man.