Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Safari

Since the San Diego Zoo nearly kicked my preggo butt, JT took his Mom & CJ to the Safari Park on Sunday while I was on my "day off." I can't say much about the pictures since I wasn't there, other than my mother-in-law loves taking pictures maybe even more than I do (which is A LOT) and she is really talented!!

Lioness ("Mama Lion")
Giraffe ("Raff")
This is funny. When I asked CJ what color train (there are multiple ones are the park) they rode in for their safari, he told me "Percy!". (Percy is green). HA HA!
Lion ("Dada Lion")
The Safari Park
The elephants are my FAVE! And they seemed especially frisky this day, and Nana got some GREAT shots!
Love this one!
Could my boys be any more adorable?!
Sweet Elephant Babies!
Nana & Dada let CJ play at the Discovery Place at the park.
Doing a puzzle with "Dada Help!"
Stacking the blocks!
"Run through tunnel"
JT is really good about giving me "time away." Sometimes I'll stay home while he takes CJ to Daddy & Me soccer. Last weekend he took CJ to a KinderTots event at the Zoo where they got to play animal games (ring toss on a giraffe neck) and meet a wolf animal ambassador while I went and got a pedicure (late birthday treat!). This week my "time away" consisted of going with a friend to The Family Swap Meet (a large Mom to Mom yardsale). I scored several great buys for both of my kids!! :) One of the toys I found for CJ was a Little Einstein rocket with all the characters. It sings and talks and I got it for $7! (HOLY COW, just saw online that this thing sells for over $200 new!!!-Better play carefully, CJ. Just kidding!)
CJ really liked the "rocket" and had a great time playing with it this evening!!
He folded down the steps and walked all the characters "Up steps!"
And we got an added bonus after CJ went to bed! Nana babysat for us and we went to see The Hunger Games! I LOVED the book and I thought the movie was really good too! I've been excitedly anticipating this film and was so excited to get to have the chance to see it on opening weekend; thanks Nana!

JT's Mom headed home (to "Papa's House" according to CJ) Monday night after a wonderful week and we were sad to see her go! It is exciting to think though, that the next time we get visitors they'll be here meeting our DAUGHTER! :)

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