Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No Rest for the Weary

This isn't going to be an uplifting post, and I apologize in isn't always sunny.

I thought last week was tough! JT was in Chicago for a Dental Conference, so I was a "single mom" for 5 days to a teething toddler. Whew. That kicked my butt big time. (hence the lack of blog updates).

Then came this week...Sunday I woke up not feeling well. Nauseous, very tired and my back hurt. All of these things can also be pregnancy symptoms so I didn't really think *too* much of it. Especially when I took an anti-nausea pill and started to feel better. By the afternoon I was feeling well enough to go enjoy the GORGEOUS day, but after being up and about for about an hour, I knew it was a big mistake. I haven't really had an appetite since Sunday, and I'll spare y'all the details, but I'm having some digestive issues. Monday night I started shivering on the couch (while under two blankets) and sure enough I had a small fever. I've had ZERO energy (like even lifting CJ to change his diaper takes all my strength), and just feel horrible in general. CJ has had a fever too the last couple nights (but seems to feel fine?!), so I'm guessing he and I may have the same "bug". FUN TIMES.

JT is "acting" clinic branch director this week so he has had to work late everyday trying to catch up on paper work and take care of all those extra responsibilities. And he has had to meet with the base C.O. twice during that time, so he's had a hard week too. Despite his long days, when he gets home at 6pm, JT has been SO helpful, and dives directly into "Dada mode" and also tidies up the disaster CJ has turned the house into each day. I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband and parenting partner!

I have to admit that tonight I had a small pity party for myself. Not my finest moment, but I'm reaching my breaking point. Remember when JT had pneumonia in January? And he got to lay in bed all day and get better and be quarantined and not have to "deal with" being a parent on top of all that? It is SO hard being a stay at home mom and being sick, because there is no such thing as a "sick day". Especially, as a military family; it's really hard being on the other side of the country from family during times like this. No daycare/grandparents house for me to drop CJ off at while I try to get better. Don't get me wrong, I know how very blessed I am to have my son, and be pregnant with this little girl and to have the chance to stay home...but I'm sick (& pregnant) and I NEED a break!!! Hurry up Saturday!!!!!! (Although I sincerely hope I feel better before then!)

Okay...enough complaining. But I had to vent a little, and show that my life isn't always perfect escapades of us going to the Zoo everyday...there are hard times too.


Jennifer said...

Life isn't always sunny - and it's okay to write about them and be honest about what life looks like too. So sorry you're under the weather AND pregnant AND without your husband AND being a SAHM all at once. It's a lot and I hear your weariness.

Get some rest when you can. Hoping your weekend gets here quickly so you can have some relief.

Take care. <3

Sue said...

You are allowed "pity" parties, especially so far from home, a very active boy, sick, and pregnant. I personally would be sitting right there with you. Hope tomorrow bring sunshine and feeling better. LOL This is late isn't