Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seeing Stars at Mickey's House

Life has been very full lately, and this post is old, but I gotta try to catch up some!

We had two tickets to Disneyland that expire in June. Seeing as how things are just getting more and more challenging for me to go do, as I get bigger and more easily tired, we know we needed to use them "now or never" (because we aren't going to take a baby that little either!) So, the week that JT returned from Chicago (the week before CJ and I got sick) we took a trip up to "Mickey House".

When we arrived and were walking down Main Street, we saw there was a whole section roped off in front of the castle. Being nosey, I walked up to one of the workers and asked what they were filming. I figured it was a Disneyland commercial or some reality show or something. Boy was I surprised when he said "An ABC comedy called 'Modern Family'". I said "Oh my gosh! SHUT UP!" and ran back over to JT to fill him in. That's only one of our favorite comedies!!!! So we got to see them film a little bit.

So if you watch the show, and don't want any potential "spoilers" stop reading! ;) I won't share JT and my hypothetical theories for the episode plot.

"Phil" & "Jay" talking with several other cast members in the background.
Here "Phil" and "Luke" are waiting on the sideline until their turns.
"Jay" & "Claire" talking during a scene.
When CJ started to get restless (can't blame him, he doesn't watch the show, so I'm sure that was boring for him!) we went to go ride some rides! We rode "Pirates of the Caribbean". JT and I were so excited to get to ride that one because it was closed for renovations when we first moved here, and has been too busy the last two visits to the park. We were a little worried if CJ would be scared or not, but he thought the Pirates were cool (and the crabs and birds, pigs, goats and being in a boat. HA HA!) We posed in front of the castle, but CJ was more excited about going inside!
CJ asked to go on the "Elephant Ride" so JT and CJ rode Dumbo and I sat and rested and took their picture.
And we HAD to do JT's favorite ride: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. CJ enjoyed the "frogs". It is really such a joy "seeing" through his eyes and watching his reactions to everything!
CJ's new favorite movie right now is "Finding Nemo" (we've gotten a temporary break from "Cars" but it's still a close second). He was excited to get to do the ride! Here he is looking at the seagulls in the water saying "mine!".
CJ was so excited to get to ride in the submarine and get to see Dory, "Nemo Dada", Nemo, "Three Sharks!", Mr. Ray, and all the other friends.
As we were leaving Disneyland to go over to California Adventure, we saw they were filming another scene for "Modern Family". POTENTIAL SPOILER: "Dylan" returns!! Because he was in this scene!
Sofia Vergara & Julie Bowen are both SO beautiful in real life!!!
When we were standing there watching, they grabbed some people out of the crowd to be extras!! How neat is that?! Pre-kid days JT and I probably would have spent the day watching them film and trying to get to be on the show, but priorities are different now! :) When we were walking out, we got to walk about 4 feet away from the stars!! It was so exciting. They asked us not to take pictures that close (right in their faces! understandable!) So, I snapped one when we got right past. I know they're just people, but it was still pretty cool for us!
When we got to Cali Adventure, I wanted a Mickey Ice Cream. Even though CJ doesn't typically like ice cream (the texture/temperature), he ended up taking it from me! (We did NOT let him eat the whole thing!)
This is quite possibly my new favorite picture of my boy! It totally captures his personality and pure happiness!! LOVE IT!!
We helped CJ's second cousin in Ohio with her kindergarten's "Flat Stanley" project, so one of the many places we took Stanley with us was to Disney!
All of us got to meet Mickey Mouse!
We did Ariel's Adventure ride twice because there was no line and CJ loved the "fish, crabs, octopus, bird..." Do we see a love for animals theme?! :)
We walked past where "Cars Land" will be opening this summer! I know it will be quite the hit in our family! Side note, we found the "Baby Care Center" nearby and learned where the one in Disneyland is really nice and clean and they had private nursing areas (with rocking chairs!) and high chairs, microwaves and a kid potty, so I know we'll be utilizing those care centers in the future!
We went to the Disney Junior Live show which CJ LOVES!!! They have all his favorites: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates and he gets SO excited to see them! JT was a trooper and sat on the floor with CJ so I could sit on a bench and rest. We went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner in Downtown Disney. CJ loved the aquarium, but they sat us next to a gorilla that would sporadically come to life. It must have been scary for CJ; he spent the dinner watching that gorilla out of the corner of his eye and crying when he would "come to life." Next time we'll ask to be seated next to the butterflies. HA HA! We had a really great day, and our stubborn boy didn't even fall asleep on the drive home! It's exciting (and a little daunting!) to think that the next time we go to Disney we'll be a family of FOUR! :)

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Sue said...

I finally got to read this post while baby sitting CJ. One of these days I will have to go to Disneyland or Disney World and see CJ having fun. I still need to develop my walking legs before I adventure into Disney. CJ is such a trooper and loves everything. This was also a great read.