Monday, March 26, 2012

Beach Boy

Saturday we took Nana to a few places on the coast. We started out on Coronado. CJ was super excited to get to play in the sand.
Or, rather, bathe in it. HA!
Nana joining in on the fun!
Aww, Dada! I don't want to leave!! I think I'll throw a tantrum!! JT ended up literally tossing a screaming CJ over his shoulder and removing him from the beach.
Our next stop was Cabrillo National Monument. CJ had enough time to forget about the beach for the time being.
In front of the Cabrillo Monument.
In our backyard, there are bricks that go around the grassy area & CJ loves to "walk on bricks." He saw a similar brick border at Cabrillo and HAD to "walk on bricks" (even when there were other people standing there!) CJ & Nana walking on the bricks!
Posing with the sign.
And just to prove I was in fact there...I don't think people are going to be telling me "You don't even look pregnant!" anymore...HA!
Some pelican pictures Nana took for our Pelican lover CJ!
Our last stop was one of my favorite places. I think it was one of Nana's favorites too! La Jolla to see the seals!
Seeing them NEVER gets old for me.
CJ was SO worn out at the end of this day. He still kinda needs a nap, but thinks he doesn't. We thought he might fall asleep in the car with all the driving around but our stubborn boy wanted to "keep eyes open". He wanted to "see ocean" and "find Nemo". HA HA!

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