Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Girls

Today is my 29th birthday. Last year in my 20' I plan to make the most of this year! :)

March 15th ("The Ides of March") was always a BIG HOLIDAY growing up because my sister and I share the same birthday, exactly four years apart (before the days of scheduled induction dates and c-sections). We always thought it was super cool to share our special day.

She loved me right away! 1987:

Opening presents together: 1989
(I think CJ looks so much like his Aunt as a little kid, look at this pic!)
Shared birthday cake: 1992
We were so excited to get a Beanie Baby & Titanic CD: 1998
Another Beanie Baby (noticing a theme? ;)) & Makeup after my track meet: 1999
Birthday dinner at Outback: 2004

Birthday Reunion in San Fran (met halfway between Hawaii & SC): 2007
Receiving a sister for my birthday in 1987 has truly been a gift in my life. Happy 25th (Quarter Life) Birthday little sis! I look forward to many more years of memories, and many more shared birthdays!

Before I became a mom, I was ALL about my birthday. Birthday month, birthday week...I would let everyone know it! Singing "Happy Happy Birthday, it is my special day..." Now, it's just not as important to me. I'm actually planning on spending my "birthday money" to buy the crib mattress and a few other small things we need for Baby Girl. And I honestly could not be more excited about that shopping trip!!! :) JT is taking me on a date tonight to celebrate, and I'm super excited about that too!


Rachel said...

This is such a sweet post and I loved getting to see these pics today
:) I just wish Mom could bake us a cake today, but could you imagine the number combo? 2925?

Love you so much, you're the bestest twin ever.

Sue said...

Although the wording is different I remember the pictures from a different time????? You are so generous, but save your money to make copies of those smileboxes. Love you...MOM 2