Thursday, March 22, 2012

Funny CJ

CJ is SO SO SO funny, here are just a few funny things he's said/done.

Right now CJ doesn't like to be hugged unless he is the initiator. If I grab him, and try to hold him he'll say "STUCK!" "STUCK!" over and over again.

The sun was setting and shining into our living room. CJ saw his shadow projecting on the wall and started waving to it and said "Hi CJ!"

In the mornings when I go to get CJ, he'll ask "Dada work?" On Saturday, when JT went into get CJ he said "Mama work?"

CJ loves running in circles "Run in Circle" and then he'll say "CJ Bizzy" (he means DIZZY) but I'll reply, "Yes, CJ IS BUSY!!!"

I hope my neat freak/OCD/cleanliness isn't rubbing of on CJ...I think I need to pay closer attention because two of his things are related to that! YIKES!:

CJ was looking for a particular hat, but I couldn't get him to tell me which one (or I didn't understand). So I took all the hats out of the hat bucket and scattered them around the floor thinking he would see the one he wanted. He said "Uh Oh! Mess!"

And his newest sign of being a neat freak like his Mama...He'll say "Wipe it down" when he spills something he's eating on the table. He wants it cleaned up before he continues eating. So I've had to tell him, "it's okay, we'll wipe it down when we're all done".

He has become a really good helper lately (which I'm hoping I can really use when Baby Girl arrives!) He now throws empty wrappers & his diapers in the appropriate "trash-a can". He helps me put the laundry into the dryer and shut the dryer door. He is "good" about cleaning up his toys when asked. He puts his shoes by the door and will go and get them when it is time to put them on.

It is so amazing to see him changing into a "Big Boy" before my eyes!!!

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Sue said...

I am late reading this post. But CJ is very well organized for two years old. He puts many of his toys away without LT or JT telling him to do so. He doesn't like his clothes to get messy or wet. He is definately a Mommy/Daddy little helper. I am so impressed.