Sunday, March 25, 2012

On the Go!

Poor JT had SUCH a busy week at work, and he was so bummed to not have as much time with his Mom as he wanted! But CJ and I have thoroughly enjoyed her company!! JT looked SO handsome in his uniform one day after work his Mama had to take his picture! :)
While Nana cooked us dinner, (yum! Thank you!) CJ had fun lining up his cars outside on the patio.
And then the cars must have wanted to play on the slide, because CJ lined them up over there and used his "wheel" to drive them! HA!
It was bath night, and Nana snapped this picture of CJ. After he is all clean, he likes to run through the house "nakey". Such a happy boy!! This towel is a "fish" and CJ will grab the fins on the side & say "little fin" (like Nemo). HA!
Friday, CJ and I took Nana to the San Diego Zoo. This is an eagle, who was sunning its wings.
Since it is hard for me to walk much these days, we did the Bus Tour. CJ was excited to be on a "bus!" and insisted he sit on a seat, not on a lap, so he spent the bus ride taking turns sitting by Nana and by Mama.
We got to see one of the Tigers!
And the giraffes "Raffs" were eating!
JT came down, and met us at the zoo as soon as he was able to get off work. This is what a family photo shoot typically looks like these days...CJ not wanting to participate. HA!
Look at how ridiculously flexible my boy is. He sure didn't take after either of us. (Even though I took ballet for 13 years, I was NEVER able to do a split.)
Nana with the boys in front of the sign!!
The zoo is so huge we could go 3 days in a row and still not see it all. Nana enjoyed the little we got to see, and we'll definitely have to take her back on her next visit to see some more!!

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Sue said...

So hard to believe Lacy had time in her busy day to do a post or two or her blog. This was a fantastic day. My picture were not the best today, but they told the story of Colin having fun and I getting to share some time with my family. I was the flexible one in the family for I took Acrobatic for years and one accomplishment was straight on and side splits. Please let Colin take after the rest of the family in all other critera. Great read, Lacy.