Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Promotion That Isn't

Only in the military can you get promoted to the job of boss and not get a raise. HA HA.

I have to brag (just a little!) on my awesome husband! JT has been working so hard since we got stationed at MCAS Miramar in July. He's been doing a lot of extra "collateral duties" in addition to his normal responsibilities of patient care. One of the special things he does is drive approximately 1 hr away once a week to Camp Pendleton to oversee and teach the AGD residents. JT has been doing such a great job, and must have made a good impression on the "higher ups".
I mentioned last week that JT was "acting clinic branch director" while his boss was out. On Monday the Command Ex. O. (highest boss of the whole command) came down to meet with JT and named him the Clinic Branch Director or OIC (Officer in Charge). In military terms, JT didn't get a "promotion" because he is still the same rank: O4 (Lieutenant Commander), but I'm almost just as excited for him in his new position! (I'd be even more excited if there was more money! ;)) Way to go honey!! CJ and I are proud of you and love you!!

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Sue said...

I am so proud of my Son. Congrat... JT