Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When it Rains it Pours

Let me preface this story by saying ALL FOUR OF US ARE OKAY. Thank God!

The weekend before Nana arrived, JT, CJ and I were in a car wreck. After JT being out of town for a week, and then me being sick for a week, and then CJ being sick for a week...I was REALLY itching to get out of the house! So despite the bad, rainy weather, we went on a few errands as a family. On our drive home, we were driving on the interstate. (San Diego is so big, you pretty much have to drive on the interstate to go most places). Since it was raining, and the road was wet, we were going "slower" than usual (probably like 65?) We hit a slick spot and started to hydroplane. Despite his best efforts, JT couldn't get the car straightened out. We did a 360 to our left across two lanes of traffic and then the back end (passenger side) of the car slammed into the concrete highway divider.
We are SO thankful that we didn't hit any cars, and that no cars hit us as we spun, crossed the lanes or as we were sitting unable to move in the middle of the interstate. We are SO thankful that if we had to hit, that it was the back of the car that hit, so we were with momentum. (The airbags didn't deploy. And that way the force of the impact was absorbed into our seat backs-CJ included because we had just only the month prior turned him around to be forward facing-Thank God for that too!)
God completely shielded and protected us. And moments after impact I felt Baby Girl squirm so I knew she was fine too. What a blessing! It was very very scary. One of those moments you see in a movie, moving slow motion like a dream. It doesn't seem real until it happens to you, and then all the "what ifs" and the reality of what could have been a very different outcome start creeping into your mind.
SO SO SO thankful. Granted the timing isn't the greatest: having to buy a new car on top of all the expenses a new baby is about to bring...but it's just a car, and it's just money...and things like our family are SO completely priceless!

Right after we hit, we made sure we were all okay and comforted a crying, frightened CJ. After we told CJ that it was okay, and everyone was okay, he gave us a little comic relief. He said "Bumpy Road!" to which JT and I couldn't help but smile and say "yes, that was bumpy CJ!" And 5 minutes later he said "CJ Bumpy." We had to laugh. Life is too short not to. What a sweet innocent boy's interpretation of a car wreck. Another thing CJ enjoyed was getting to ride in the tow truck. The cab was so big he compared it to "Mack" but since it was a tow truck he also called it "Mater".
When tow truck driver dropped us off, CJ stood by the front window watching. And as he pulled away with our vehicle he said "Bye Bye Blue Car". All week he has asked about it. "Ride in Blue Car?" No, CJ the Blue Car is hurt. Then he started asking "Blue Car Better?" So I had to change the reply to No, CJ the Blue Car is broken. So he's been telling me "Blue Car broken, ride in black car!" (our rental car is black).

We heard from the insurance company last night that our car is officially totaled. Praying we can find a good deal on a new car, but more than anything just SO SO THANKFUL!

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!! I am SO, SO, SO glad everyone is okay! Car wrecks are terrifying. CJ is so adorable. I love what he said! Sweet boy!