Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pregnancy Comparison

This pregnancy with Baby Girl is TOTALLY different than my pregnancy was with CJ! I thought I would do a comparison...

CJ: 2009-2010 Baby Girl: 2011-2012

• Slight nausea.

Snacked on ginger

snaps and preggie


Never threw up.

• Morning SICKNESS!

Throwing up in

mornings, lack of

appetite lasted entire

1st trimester,

part of 2nd.

• Heartburn

• Acid Reflux

• Regular bowel


(TMI, but true)

• Constipated!

• Gained a LOT of


(38 lbs by week 30)

(50 lbs total)

• Gained a little weight

(20 lbs by week 30)

• Boobs: sore and grew


(went through

multiple bra sizes)

• Boobs have not

changed at ALL

(still in pre-preg bra)

• No headaches

• Chronic Headaches!!

• Linea Negra on my


• No Linea Negra on

my belly (yet anyhow!)

• Bad Acne the entire


• Acne cleared after

first trimester

• Baby had a defined

schedule, and

I felt him moving


• Baby moves


• Felt no contractions

until induction

• Braxton Hicks



• Overall felt “good”

"Easy" pregnancy.

• Overall feel TIRED!

Tougher pregnancy.

Probably the biggest difference in the weight gains (Besides having BAD morning sickness this time) and part of the reason for feeling so tired is in my occupations. During my pregnancy with CJ, I worked full time. I sat at a desk for at least 8 hours a day (sometimes longer!) and just snacked and ate. HA HA. This time around, I am a Stay-at-Home Mom chasing CJ around approximately 10 hours a day. So I'm burning a lot more energy and not snacking nearly as much as I probably should be. CJ was born at 41 weeks, and I genuinely enjoyed his pregnancy for the most part. I was ready the last couple of weeks for him to move out. But this pregnancy has really been wearing on my body, so as soon as we are full term on April 28th (not counting down or anything) she is MORE than welcome to come!!!!!


Jenni said...

how cool to see the comparison!! its so interesting how your pregnancies have been so vastly different! love the pics and your comparison table. :)

Ashley said...

This was so fun to read! I have always heard that pregancies with girls are much harder as far as morning sickness, digestion issues, etc. My pregnancy with David was a BREEZE so I am curious if we ever have a girl if I will feel bad! I can't wait to see this little cutie!

Sue said...

LT you are so "together" about everything. So neat how you did this. I am totally impressed.