Saturday, March 24, 2012

Feeding the Duckies

Two posts in one day...I am DETERMINED to get caught up!

We've been enjoying the nice weather and have gone to Lake Poway to "feed duckies" and play on the playground. CJ walking down to the lake with his bread.
He got sidetracked and tried to take the bread to the playground. I tried to explain he needed to choose "feed duckies" or "play" (rather than trying to play on the playground with his bread in hand). Which one did he want to do first? Throw a temper tantrum of course. Then once he realized we were going to get to do BOTH he chose feeding the ducks!
"Here duckies!"
He really has more fun chasing the duckies than anything.
He thinks they are so funny!
After feeding the ducks, we headed back to the playground. Phew! :)
Look at my big boy! He climbed that all by himself!!
So now that Nana is in town, we thought it would be a good idea to take her to the park! After all, the "duckies are hungee." Chasing those hungry ducks into the lake!
Ahhhh! Duckies!!
And when we ran out of bread, we headed over to the playground! CJ showed Nana how he likes to slide.
And swing!
And climb to the top all by himself!
Look Nana! I'm walking on the big slide!!
CJ is very vocal and will tell us what he wants. He grabbed Nana's hand, said "Hand. Pull, pull. Nana, steps! Nana, slide!" :) Nana was a REALLY good sport and did the slide with him. CJ thought it was the best thing EVER!
I adore seeing him so happy.
Going to the park is SO much fun!! :)

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Sue said...

I adore seeing CT happy too. I had so much fun. These last picture is only half of the good stuff that I got. It has been a long time sinche I have felt so good that I got to slide. I use to love the play ground. Thanks Lacy for making look good. LOL