Thursday, March 8, 2012

Staying at Home

We've been "staying home" a lot more than usual the last two weeks. CJ has been doing pretty good considering. He REALLY missed JT while he was gone, and kept asking "Dada home?" Thank goodness for Skype/facetime. It got to the point where when CJ wanted to talk to JT he'd walk up to the computer and say "Dada?" HA HA.
He was SO happy when JT got home!! (So was I, ha ha) :) This week, when CJ wakes up in the morning he says: "Dada work?" And I tell him yes, that he'll be home later. Then when CJ wakes up from his "quiet time nap" (SIDE NOTE: He has napped almost every single day since converting "nap-time" to "quiet-time" last month. He must like it being HIS decision?!) he says: "Dada soon?" And I tell him yes, Dada will *HOPEFULLY* be home soon! (for BOTH of our sakes! ;))

Even though it isn't "officially" Spring yet, the weather here in San Diego has been so beautiful lately.
All the flowers in our yard are already blooming!! :)
Going outside in our backyard has provided lots of entertainment lately while chilling at home. I can sit (for the most part) and watch CJ run around and play. He helps mow the lawn!
CJ loves picking the flowers, and he loves to "walk on bricks" that border our yard. I love his silly antics...continually calling 'necklace' "glasses" no matter how many times I correct him. (I got the nursing necklace out with the baby stuff in our baby preparations, and CJ thinks it is "pretty" and loves wearing it! HA HA.) He also loves wearing his new favorite hat "Queen hat". On the move!!
Rolling in the grass.
And bubbles are a big hit right now too! But he wants "CJ do it!!!", not Mama.
This day he told me "bubbles in grass!" so he sat in the grass and blew his bubbles! :)
Even when I'm not feeling well, seeing this little boy's zest for life can always still make me smile. :)

(And since CJ hasn't had any of my *ahem* "digestive" symptoms yet, I'm hopeful (please, please!) his fevers are just due to those pesky 2 year molars that are still coming in?)

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Ashley said...

I am so sorry you were feeling bad! I'm pretty sure sick-pregnant-mother-to-toddler is the most tiring possible combination ever. It looks like y'all have had some fun days outside, though! So glad the weather is nice and you can get out and play even when you're at home! Hope you both feel better soon!